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Marion's Second Friday ArtWalk to feature Chase Altizer in concert.

An Appalachian multi-instrumentalist and composer will perform for the July 12 Second Friday ArtWalk at Marion’s Appalachian Spirit Gallery.

History hunter: The legacy of John M. Johnson

John M. Johnson is now part of the history he loved.

N.C. man accused of stealing from Wytheville's Rural King

Accused of two separate thefts last month at Wytheville’s Rural King, a North Carolina man is being held on four felony charges.

Lead Mines Ruritan Club recognizes teachers of the year

The Lead Mines Ruritan Club recently hosted a dinner for the Teachers of the Year for 2023-24.The four main schools recognized were Fort Chiswell High School, Fort Chiswell Middle School, Jackson Elementary and Sheffey Elementary. The teachers and their families, along with the principals fr…

Tennessee company to acquire Wytheville Office Supply

Wytheville’s big pencil is staying but the retail store it symbolizes is closing.

Competency hearing set for Wytheville slaying suspect

A July court hearing has been set for a Wytheville teenager accused in the February slaying of a 30-year-old local man.

Car crashes into Hardee's drive-through in Wytheville

Wytheville’s Hardee’s drive-through became a drive-in on Monday afternoon after a restaurant worker crashed her car into the building and another vehicle, according to police.

Downtown Wytheville July 4 event aims to be bigger

    The highly anticipated annual Downtown Wytheville 4th of July Celebration and Street Festival is returning in 2024 with more activities and a unique slate of on-the-rise musicians promising an unforgettable experience for attendees. Last year, Downtown Wytheville set the record for the large…

    Tennessee company to acquire Wytheville Office Supply

      Wytheville’s big pencil is staying but the retail store it symbolizes is closing.

      Chautauqua 5K held in Wytheville

        Jameson Funk of Riner and Mckenzie Tate of Wytheville were the top male and female finishers respectively in Wytheville’s June 22 Chautauqua Festival in the Park 5K.

        Hearing set for Wythe County pharmacist accused of smoking meth

          A July 11 administrative hearing has been set for a local pharmacist accused of using methamphetamine a day before she was scheduled to work at Wythe County Community Hospital.

          Former Wythe County school secretary convicted of embezzlement

          A onetime secretary and bookkeeper pleaded no contest on Thursday to embezzling more than $6,000 from Max Meadows Elementary School.

          Wythe County felon facing more drug charges

          A convicted drug dealer who was free on bond while awaiting trial on more drug charges was arrested again on May 22 as part of a Wythe County Sheriff’s Office investigation into illegal narcotics and guns.

          Bland County woman charged with malicious wounding

          Accused of slicing her fiance’s arm during a May 19 argument, a Bland County woman is being held without bond on felony and misdemeanor charges.

          Max Meadows men accused of stealing motorcycles, trailer in Bland County

          Accused of stealing a box trailer full of motorcycles from the side of the interstate, three Max Meadows men are facing multiple felony charges in Bland County.

          Wytheville felon jailed after recent arrest

          Accused of trespassing for at least the fifth time and of possessing drugs while he’s awaiting trial for the same, a Wytheville felon returned to lockup after his May 11 arrest.

          Wytheville woman accused of trying to kill trooper picks up more charges

          Town police have placed more charges against a Wytheville woman accused of trying to kill a state trooper on Thursday morning before leading officers on a high-speed chase.

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          Hearing set for Wythe County pharmacist accused of smoking meth

          Smyth County's one of 52 communities tapped for federal help with growth planning

          Local musician joins the Recording Academy behind ‘The Grammys’

          Seniors celebrated in Wytheville's Withers Park

          Finding a Bible or a health care brochure was just a walk in the park on Thursday for Wythe and Bland County seniors.

          Bland County grand jurors return indictments

          Drug offenses once again made up the bulk of indictments handed down June 10 in Bland County Circuit Court.

          Wytheville man convicted of proposing sex with a minor by computer

          Tricked by someone on Facebook pretending to be a 16-year-old girl, a Wytheville man was convicted of proposing sex with a minor by computer.

          Suspect in Pulaski County double slaying convicted of Wythe charges

          A Pulaski County man accused in a 2022 double slaying appeared in a Wythe County courtroom last month on unrelated charges.

          Wythe County felons face new charges after police chase

          Two felons, one of them a sex offender, are facing a string of new drug charges after a Friday evening police chase in Wytheville.

          Wythe County attempted murder suspect denied bond

          A Wythe County attempted murder suspect will remain jailed until his trial after a judge denied him bond on Thursday morning.

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